our tissues seen up close


the prince of shirting fabrics, with a fresh and dry hand, shiny and compact, purely for the day, whose weft allows you to create any line or picture, as if it were printed.

cellular tissue
or leno

also known as "honeycomb", as the variation of the canvas weave creates an effect that resembles the cells of a beehive, with the hole in the center that allows optimal transpiration.


the famous indigo blue shirt jeans with white texture. A canvas or twill makes the fabric more or less heavy.
Finishing treatments can modify its appearance as in stone washed or delavé.

cotton flannel

made of cotton or wool (Vaiella), it has a slightly hairy surface.
It undergoes finishing treatments, which make it particularly hot, because the fluff, raised by the raising, retains the air which acts as a thermal insulator.


fabric that stands out for its geometric designs, obtained by using a specific loom. Cotton or silk are the two main materials with which jacquard is wov.


jersey is a knitted fabric used in the manufacture of sports and winter shirts.
Cotton or wool are the protagonists of this fabric, characterized by great elasticity both in length and in width. The shirt jersey would actually be a fabric, as it is made with looms capable of producing the so-called stockinette stitch.

linen and cotton

woven on a voile base, replacing a cotton thread with a linen thread.

irish linen

linen fabric, woven with the classic irregular pure linen yarn


takes its name from the English town of Oxford. Technically it is made with a nattè weave, with the doubling of the weft and warp threads. Its peculiarity is to have colored warp threads and white weft threads, which accentuates the basket weaving effect by forming a tiny grid, suitable for sports shirts.


piquet is another of the cotton fabrics that see their strong point in the weave of the weave. The latter is in fact made with embossed motifs, the most famous of which is the ribbed workmanship, which gives the shirts a unique elegance. The prevailing color is white.


a fabric that needs no introduction. Famous throughout the world for its shiny appearance, very slippery to the touch. It varies from japone to twill, from crepe to satin


twill is a type of textile weave characterized by a diagonal striping that gives the fabric greater softness and wearability.


classic thin ribbed weave in cotton, being fabric for shirts.


from the french, veil. Soft and light cotton canvas, sometimes transparent. It turns out to be one of the most elegant fabrics.

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