At the origin of the shirt is the tunic, then the Crusaders imported
the Camis of the Persians from the East, to which we owe both the name and the present structure.
The shirt is both a piece of linen and a sign of elegance.
It is seen and not seen, in the sense that gentlemen never stay in shirt sleeves in public but at the same time flaunting it through the display of some elements, cuffs and collars, which make us immediately understand
"what shirt are they made of".
Even from a few details, in fact, it is clear whether a shirt is well made or not, whether it is handcrafted or not, whether there is the soul of a real shirt-maker... 

...different views of our laboratory

Maison Siniscalchi is a Milanese design studio that deals with production and packaging of tailor-made shirts, for both men and women.
Thanks to the use of quality materials and experience in the business we are able to guarantee the creation of quality products, personalized and customizable according to the aesthetic and functional needs of the final customer.
We make every type of shirt: for ceremonies, formal, sporty and ethnic, as well as night shirts and pajamas.  

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