a digital academy that connects artisans with young people from all over Italy through SAMSUNG devices.
The project was born to enhance Italian craftsmanship, to give voice to the excellence of Made in Italy, and favor the transmission of know-how to the new generations.
The selected masters, including the shirt-maker Alessandro Siniscalchi, through tablets, smartphones and monitors have the opportunity to show students the secrets of their know-how through lessons and interactive chats.  


Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere 
Edizione 2016

Maison Siniscalchi was established in 1948 in Milan, by Vittorio.
With a passion for style and elegance, he learns the skills of sewing from his mother Cesarina, who has an embroidery workshop and works for several tailors, including the prestigious Caramba A. Sapelli & Co.
So Vittorio opens his first small shirt-making workshop in Via Montenapoleone.
His name immediately began to go around Milan, in the most demanding, elegant and aristocratic areas of town.
Customers begin to appreciate his work, thanks to his passion and perfectionism, which leads him to take the best from Italian and English tailoring schools.
Vittorio married Ingrid in the 60's, a beautiful English lady who introduced him to the traditional Anglo-Saxon world.
In the 80's Maison Siniscalchi is an established reality and Vittorio's son
Alessandro enters the business.
Alessandro attends a tailoring school but learns the secrets of the tailored shirt by observing and studying his father Vittorio, of whom he becomes a worthy heir.
Today the Maison Siniscalchi is located in Viale Vittorio Veneto 32, in Milan,
and its creations accompany great businessmen, entrepreneurs, aristocratism and opinion leaders of all the world on a daily basis. 

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